650 SSI unite against stopover of Pumping stations in Ankleshwar

650 SSI unite against stopover of Pumping stations in Ankleshwar

650 SSI unite against stopover of Pumping stations in Ankleshwar

Bharuch: Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB) Ankleshwar region have recently disconnected the electricity connection of pumping plants which were used to pump the disposed water from the industries to a main water treatment center. As much as 650 Small Scale Industries (SSI) are indirectly affected by the closure of pumping station.  Under such circumstances, the waste water is overflowing on the street causing trouble to the people.

There were three pumping stations in Ankleshwar GIDC known as A, B, and C out of which  B and C were mainly under use of Small Scale Industries (SSI). Underground pipelines from these SSIs were routed towards B and C and shutting off these pumps have now blocked the pipeline pushing water back for overflow.

Irked by the GPCB’s decision, a group of businessmen along with Ishwar Patel, Minister of State, Cooperation (independent charge), today held a meeting with Shankarsinh Chaudhary(Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare, Medical Education, Environment (All-Independent charges) and Urban Development, where he assured of a positive outcome between pollution control board and the industrialist.

Jasu Chaudhari, Vice president of Ankleshwar Industrialist Association said, “GPCB has blocked main sewage pumping station of which a thousand liters of waste water is flowing on the roads.”

“Around 650 Small Scale Industries (SSI) are being affected by this move of GPCB,” said Chaudhari

Regional officer of Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB) RB Trivedi said, “The sewage lines which were used by these pumping stations were old and were illegally used by some industries for disposing of their illegal chemical waste.”

“In the first phase, we have shut off the pumping stations to disconnect illegal chemical waste from entering the treatment plant.  In the next level we are planning to create an above-ground network with name and description of the firm to avoid malpractices,” he added.

However, the industrialists are planning to go for a shutdown demanding restarts of the pump and they also claim that the decision has affected SSIs rather than big industries.

Noticeably, Ankleshwar was recently shredded from the critically polluted zone, and the industrialist has made a fresh start with escalated production as per the rise in demand. With the rise in production level, the wastage level has also increased. Now under such circumstances, it becomes important for GPCB and AIA to come with a suitable solution to avoid the loss to the industries.