A tribute paid to assassinated Tanya

A tribute paid to assassinated Tanya

A tribute paid to assassinated Tanya

Nadiad’s various organizations, school-colleges and educational institutions organised a  “MUM” rally at Santram temple at around 11.30 AM on the issue of police impartiality in Tanya Patel murder case and other social events, Nadiad’s maintenance of law and order ,in the form of a tribute, appealing the police department  for strict action should be taken to ensure peace of the people. It was an emotional expression of people.

The rally convener Dr. Pritiben Rathod said in the meeting at Santram temple that this is a self-organizing plan. The seven-year-old innocence girl of Nadiya was a kidnapped by a cruel person, is a painful incident for society.We have to understand about some unwanted barba activities by some youths for clash, abduction, rape and molestation, is fatal to literacy. Such elements have not been given punishment from time to time by the police, who had  previous criminal history, The murderers of innocent Tanya, who lead to criminal activities like Tanya’s kidnapping so negligence of Police is clearly seen

Tanya’s soul may reast in peace only until her murderers are punished stiffly. All the schools and colleges, leaders of all religions, various service organizations and educational societies of Nadia has condemned the kidnapping and murder of Taniya in rigorous words and demanding full justice.Their  demand is that the culprit  to be punished without pressure and reviewing Nadiad’s law and order systems

In this way, after paying tribute to  Tanya in the rally, students and locals along with the indicator banners, handed over the application to city police station on the way to Santram temple.

In application handed over to police as a part of the rally, all the accused of Tanya murder case should be trialled with stiffest punishment and truth must be put before Tanya’s family and society as well as sharing information report with a press conference from time to time.

The high-resolution CCTV camera is fitted on every entrance door and at the entrance of each area.

In one year in Nadiad, more than 30 major incidents of theft, looting, murder and kidnapping has taken place in remote areas, due to improper arrangements of police in these areas. All police stations allotted in the four directions of Nadiad have been allotted for regular day-night duty. The arrangements for permanent patrolling must be arranged

Besides this, Mahant Ramdasji Maharaj of the various institution of Santram temple appealed to the special court to give strict punishment to the accused. On this occasion, Ramdasji Maharaj also assured to open the truth of accused and publish it on Jai Maharaj’s place of worship. It is necessary to expose killers living in Nadiad with co-accused who kidnapped and killed a girl child.