Around 1300 people of 110 centers donot get food

Around 1300 people of 110 centers donot get food

Around 1300 people of 110 centers donot get food

Junagadh: Junagadh taluka mid-day meal staff members have four demanded new menu. But the mid-day meal department did not take any suitable decision, the employees had left the strike and mid-day meals were closed. Because of this, 13 thousand children in Junagadh city and rural areas did not get lunch in the afternoon and as soon as the problem is not resolved, the congregation is firm to continue the strike.

The strike will continue until demand is accepted

Lunch is provided to Primary school students in the afternoon and Midday Meal Center is functioning for this. In the meantime a new menu has been released by the government. Junagadh Taluka Midday Meal Scheme took the new menu and made different requests from the staff members but the mid-day meal scheme department did not make the right decision so employees went on strike on Tuesday and thus centre closed. As a result, the school going children did not get lunch.

The head of the association, Arvindbhai Patre, said that the new menu had separate breakfast and quantity for snacks, for which they  demanded  separate guidance on how to deposit the amount, proper training for the new menu, increased wages for the new menu, and giving extra wages which they presented before the Deputy Collector of  mid-day meal department but we have not been able to get the right solution.So 110 centres in Junagadh city and rural area were closed in which approximately 13000 children use to take food.The strike will continue as long as there is no solution for our demand.

60% of administrators do not even have the understanding of new menu.

The government has implemented a new menu but employees have not been given training yet. 60% of administrators have no understanding of new menus. Administrators need special training to implement a new menu.

Midday meal centre in Junagadh is closed. The Deputy Collector and Mamlatdar of Mid-day Meal is trying to change the supervision but the system is currently being accused of not being ready to listen to those people.

Many schools children have been given snacks from the item stores.

Midday Meals in Primary School were closed but in many schools, the children were given snacks by the Acharyas. The school children had snacks from the store.