Bharat Ki Parmanu Saheli – a woman on mission to aware people about atomic energy

Bharat Ki Parmanu Saheli – a woman on mission to aware people about atomic energy

Bharat Ki Parmanu Saheli – a woman on mission to aware people about atomic energy

Around ten days ago, a seminar on nuclear energy and various schemes on the development of India was organized in Bhavnagar. During the seminar, a female speaker said – ‘compared to the developed countries, the production of electricity per person in our country is very small. In that also, the energy from nuclear power is only 3 percent. Even though when we have 5 million 18 thousand tons of Thorium treasury. With the help of Thorium, we can generate more energy power. If nuclear power produces electricity, then 5000 units of energy can be generated annually but currently, the production is only 833 units per year. This can increase the annual income of the country from 4 lakh to 32 lakh. But all this will happen only if we start generating electricity with nuclear energy.’ These are the words by Bharat Ki Parmanu Sakhi. 

Bharat Ki Parmanu Sakhi means Dr. Neelam Goyal from Jaipur. The country’s first woman who studied the process of nuclear power plant, and has done a Ph.D. on the related sectorial economy and the impact of it on people’s welfare and health. She has done post-doctorate from the Department of Atomic Energy. This is the reason why the Government of India’s Department of Atomic Energy named her as ‘Bharat Ki Parmanu Sakhi’.

Dr. Neelam Goyal has been working to spread awareness about nuclear energy among people since 2009. In 2011, when the earthquake occurred in Kukushima, Japan, its nuclear power plant was also damaged along with other buildings. But what happened if the radiation had been leaked?

Till then, it was okay. But then, the protest and movements started against 1000 MW nuclear plant in Kudankulam, on the coast of Tamil Nadu in India. At that time, Dr. Goyal was serving as an assistant professor at Jyoti Mahila Vidhyalaya in Jaipur. She heard about the protests, and she thought to aware people about the facts of nuclear energy and misbeliefs about it. 

Dr. Goyal left the job and started working to spread awareness among people about nuclear energy. She has organized more than 1000 seminars in Rajasthan, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, and Maharashtra.

Currently, Dr. Goyal is in Bhavanagar of Gujarat and will organize around 200 seminars on nuclear energy. She organized seminars in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Rajkot, and Bhavnagar. 

From the year 2009, she started the work to aware people about nuclear energy alone. In the year 2009-10, she founded the Atomic Power Evolution Awareness Foundation. She is also a founder, chief editor, and publisher of quarterly magazine ‘Parmanu Saheli ka Sandesh’.  

Dr. Goyal’s vision is to see India as a well-developed country. She is on the mission to clear the misconceptions about the civil use of Atomic energy and to get rid of challenges in the path of four ambitious plans of India – connecting rivers, electricity production, development of roads and indigenous farming schemes.