Crack in statue of Mahatma Gandhi’s foot at the historic Dandi Yatra

Crack in statue of Mahatma Gandhi’s foot at the historic Dandi Yatra

Crack in statue of Mahatma Gandhi’s foot at the historic Dandi Yatra

Navsari: India’s independence movement started in 1930‘s Dandi Yatra, Salt Satyagraha started by Mahatma Gandhi, is preserved as a monument, on the coast of Jalalpur taluka of Navsari district where Mahatma Gandhi struggled against the law of salt.Though there is a fracture in the statue of Gandhiji, the system is unhappy with this.

It is worth mentioning that the present government is identifying the central government for making a new monument at the cost of millions of rupees in  Navsari district against the existing statue of Gandhiji.It is being done, but there is no respite for anyone to do the repairs in Mahatma Gandhi’s cracked foot.

Salt was restricted throughout India in 1930 by the British Empire. Mahatma Gandhiji responded at Sabarmati of Ahmedabad to tackle black law tax.Mahatma Gandhi performed Dandi yatra from  Ashram river bank to Nasari district river bank and compelled the British Empire to lift the law on April 6, 1930, and this Satyagraha movement proved to be a major factor in India’s independence. As the memory of the trip, a historic monument of Mahatma Gandhi was established in the form of a statue from where Mahatma took a pinch of salt of Satyagraha.

The black coloured fibre made statue was established by information department of Gujarat a few years ago, on a platform, which is capable to resist all type of weathering agents whether it is summer, winter or rainy days.This fibre made statue is standing like the real image of Bapu for years.

But now a triangular crack has developed in the feet of the statue which is likely to fall down but no one of the government systems is paying attention. It is worth mentioning that at present, the new monument works,  by the Central Government is going on in the river, but the old statue of satyagraha memorial of salt is the story of the workers for years which has been neglected now by Navsari district authorities which tells about Gandhiji’s feet.The local residents are taking care of it.

If the repairs happen, then the hope that this statue of Navsari will look like standing in front of you

Bapu’s statue to be presented in a tabulex form in Delhi Parade.

On Republic day, parades  are held in the country’s capital, Delhi

Every state boosts the displaying tablulex, featuring their own ambition.The historic stalk Mahatma mantra of  Satyagraha monument of salt has been placed aside.Fiber statue also has a glorious history of Gujarat in Delhi’s national parade

The tabulex was displayed in a presentation at Gandhinagar. Thereafter, a glimpse of the statue will show the objectives of Mahatma Gandhi at Navsari.

The statue was put in Saifi Villa on a platform.