To defeat BJP-NDA alliance, ready to support Congress: Shankarsinh Vaghela

To defeat BJP-NDA alliance, ready to support Congress: Shankarsinh Vaghela

To defeat BJP-NDA alliance, ready to support Congress: Shankarsinh Vaghela

Former Gujarat Chief Minister Shankarsinh Vaghela has written an open letter to the Election Commission, asking for ballot papers instead of EVMs until the dispersion of the voters in the EVM machine is removed.

If you have wish to give reservation than stop giving lollipop

Shankarsinh Vaghela said in the interaction with journalists that if there is a way for reservation, then is no need of giving lolipop to people regarding the reservation by the state government and the central government. On the one hand, it does not mean that there is no reservation of more than 50% reservation, there is no point in giving lollipop everywhere. Laws should be made when the central government is in its provisions. It can be done just like Sabarimali, if it is also their wish, it can be done.

In response to the question of hardik, he said that I am sympathetic person with anyone who is fighting for injustice against the government and then he or she has the right to do so.
Simultaneously, he has sought to disseminate the simple information about EVM and VVPAT machines to the general voter, as long as the ballot paper does not have an election. Moreover, it has been mandated that in the election of the Lok Sabha, it would be compulsory to put a garment machine in all the polling stations and to get a slip of votes being generated.

BJP should stop cheating farmers and should apply MSP in milk too
Due to government’s policy farmers are not getting Affordable prices, trying to commit suicide. The government should not deceive the farmers in the name of MSP, I appeal to not tire the government. Farmers are suffering from suicide due to lack of affordable prices in states including Gujarat, Maharashtra. The government is not only equipped to decide the prices.

Recently milk prices are also going down, milk is the main income for farmers. To prevent the loss of the co-operative sector, the option MSP is also available in milk. I request them to apply MSP in state and the center. Due to the disruption of the cooperative sector, private people’s feet are easily frightened.

A press conference organized on the occasion of new year, he declared that he is not going to contest the Lok Sabha election. On the national level, what he has to say about his political role, he made it clear that whatever he has to do in Gujarat and at the national level, he will do whatever he needs to do. The reason behind this is that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has failed in his promises to the people. This situation has reached the situation as the state of the aircraft falls down like Nose and the country’s voters have decided to defeat the NDA government. At the national level, he is making efforts to bring all the political parties against BJP on a platform against the BJP. He has visited nine states in the Bharat Bhavrishna campaign and is making efforts to form a Maha-Ghatbandhan (Coalition) Front against the BJP at the national level.

He said that while giving anti-BJP factions different from each other, he said that in Bengal, Mamata Banerjee and the Communists are against Sam’s. Communists and Congress are against Sam’s. Mamata Banerjee and Congress are also against Sam’s. Even though these political parties will contest against each other in the Lok Sabha elections, there will be 300 seats of BJP’s anti-BJP parties and these parties will come to the unit and decide who will become the Prime Minister. He asserted that BJP or NDA will not win anytime in the 2019 elections.

Not NDA, Anti BJP government will be formed in Centre
Answering the questions of reporters, Shankarsinh said that I will do whatever is needed to defeat BJP, I will support opposition party or any capable or powerful person contesting election, this time it will be an Anti BJP government in centre. Even if it is not with the coalition, BJP will form a coalition government and it will last for five years.

NDA, not like UPA, will form a coalition government and I will do whatever I have to try. Regarding the farmers’ questions, he said that the Gujarat and the Central Government declare the MSP Minimum Supporting Pricing but the mechanism that should be set for its actual implementation does not change. As a result farmers have to commit suicide. Amul and other dairy are reducing the price of milk. He said that the MSP should be entered in the milk prices procured from the farmers and the central government as well as the agriculture produce, so that the difference between loss of milk to the milk producers and the amount of difference being done by the state government That central government should give it.