Development in talks, famous on Social Media

Development in talks, famous on Social Media

Development in talks, famous on Social Media

There has been a lot of comments about the madness of development on social media…

Dang: On one hand,  the center and the state government are planning to allocate millions of grants for various development works for the poor, while the development of the villages of  Dang, a most backward district of Gujarat, is far away from this objective. 

Sunda, Goleta, Khapri, Kasavadahad villages, in the area of Dang district panchayat president Baburbhai Chauriyana, the district panchayat constituency, Ahwa-2, the Lok Ladali leaders are elected, but they are turning their faces after the elections. The district panchayat elections have been held thrice for Ahwa-2 seat for last fifteen years, in which women candidate Sangitaben Vasantbhai Vadu (BJP) and then Ramesh Bhoye (BJP) and now Baburawabhai Chaurya has been elected as the district panchayat president but after getting elected on the same seat but they have been  unsuccessful in showing development to this area. 

In Sunda village, the people are not aware of what development is?     

Local Dang administration even say that we have roads, water, electricity in the every corner of Dang but Sunda village is deprived of adequate benefits of roads and clean water from the people’s government.Under the water supply scheme there are water committees for laying the pipelines from door to door, however, they could not afford adequate clean water in the entire village. 

In the same way, whether you go to Bhavangadh or Ahwa-Saputatra route via Bhusda to Sunda village, you will have to think many times to travel by two wheelers or four wheeler. According to the local people, the leaders are coming at the time of the election, and after that, they say they do not turn back.

Similarly, the local forest department is also not supporting adequately.Forest department has been given a huge amount of money for villages under the Van Laxmi Yojana. 

Only a few farmers get benefitted and the remaining beneficiaries were to provide pillars and cement for the house but due to corruption, they have not spent much time in getting the pillars and sheets. In many such works, there is a lot of resentment among the locals for Dang administration system as well as local public representatives.