Industrial waste contaminating drinking water

Industrial waste contaminating drinking water

Industrial waste contaminating drinking water

Ankleshwar Industrial Estate (AIA) recently received an award for being the cleanest industrial estate in the state. 

Ankleshwar: Soon after the dispute of pumping station B and C of GIDC being shut off. Another issue has arrived knocking the door of residential areas in the GIDC Ankleshwar. Closure of drainage pumps has pushed water out on the roads through manholes. Provoking chances of vector-borne diseases.

A large number of inner roads of GIDC are engulfed with waste water increasing chances of health issues for the local residents.

Jashubhai Chaudhary Vice President of Ankleshwar Industrial Association stated, recently the government has awarded Rs 25 lakh to Ankleshwar Industrial Estate for securing top rank for cleanest estates in Gujarat. But it seems to be for a limited time.

“The government is playing with us, recently we approached Gandhinagar and requested concern authorities to commence the closed pumping station to avoid wastewater to effect residents nearby. The request seems to be kept in cold box. The award will soon be snatched from us looking at the present polluted situation,” he added.

The waste which is not being transferred to next level causing overflows in the line which eventually reaching to the storm line and drinking water line parallel to it.

The industrial association of Ankleshwar has been demanding a proper statute from the government regarding disposal of waste water in the sea. In addition to it, the industrialist has demanded government invention for making the wastewater treatment plant more efficient. At present Narmada Clean Tech (NCT) is the only plant diluting wastewater to a minimum level, but it has not been working at full capacity. “The NCT plant is working only 12% of its efficiency, ” said an industrialist.