It’s the alertness of Constable, a robber was caught

It’s  the alertness of Constable, a robber was caught

It’s the alertness of Constable, a robber was caught

On Wednesday morning, one of the four robbers, who had robbed of an amount of Rs 12 lakh in ‘Panch Kuva’ in Ahmedabad, was caught up due to the alertness of the Eidar police. The Idar police informed the crime branch team Ahmedabad.

In the morning, two angadia servicemen were going by a vehicle when four bike-borne robbers robbed them by showing revolver at Panch Kuva area near Kalupur in Ahmedabad. In this regard, the Ahmedabad police sent an alert message to the state police about the fugitives who had escaped. There were also descriptions of the accused. At around two o’clock in the afternoon, the Idar Police constable saw the two young men who were passing through the motorcycle at very high speed. On being suspicious about that, he immediately informed the staff on the Idar checkpost about the motorcycle coming in.

Seeing the two motor cycles coming from the front, according to the instructions given to the Idar checkpost, the inspector on duty instructed them to stop, but seeing the police, the robbers doubled the speed of the motorcycle while a young robber sitting behind the bike got his revolver towards the police. The constable hit on his hand with his stick which laid the lost control. The robber with revolver fell down while the three were able to escape.

In the interrogation of the arrested youth, he said that he was going to Rajasthan and they are coming from Ahmedabad after looting the money from the angadia servicemen. The Idar police informed the Ahmedabad crime branch and the further investigation is continuing.