Just 20! Meet this Young Innovator, Dipali Katta

Just 20! Meet this Young Innovator, Dipali Katta

Just 20! Meet this Young Innovator, Dipali Katta

In telling entrepreneurial stories, it’s easy to get caught up in the romantic narration of the ‘million dollars’ idea. The birth of an amazing idea can take precedence over the struggle required to make it a reality.However, the subsequent chapters are often full of determination, grit, inspiration and the gumption which is necessary to take chances. 

Meet this entrepreneur who has been experiencing the early chapters of the success story.

Dipali Katta, a 20-year-old Young innovator, the sole founder of “Winks of Joy” is spreading happiness through handmade gifts and crafts. “Winks of Joy is all about gifting and crafting. We are keen on providing various handcrafted gifts and we do ship across India. We cater to bulk orders, small-scale events like birthday parties, baby showers and more; corporate handmade gifts and a lot more”, said Dipali.

Gradually we have increased our portfolio by taking art and craft workshops and teaching different types of crafts to children. Till now we have taken 4-5 big scale workshops and taught to students too.The sole motive of encouraging handmade gifts is just to keep the humanity and emotions alive in this world of digitalization. The core USP of our startup is that every client is treated individually and each respective gift is unique in its own way. We are customizing gifts to the core so as to keep it more humanistic and different. Hence this is a quite brief about our startup, she added.

When asked about how did the idea come upon her mind, she replied, “The idea of Winks of Joy came when I had completed graduation and I was looking out for better internship programs but here in Ahmedabad internships aren’t either paid or unpaid but that wasn’t the path I wanted to seek in real”, said Katta. 

One fine day when I and some of my juniors were seeking out somebody who can create exclusive handmade gifts in their budget then, I  felt that this is an opportunity. I did a little crafting but earlier never thought to come up with a portal that sells EXCLUSIVE HANDMADE GIFTS. Yes, Winks of Joy is all about bringing happiness to people’s faces, she added.

The Journey: How did it all begin?

“We started a year back i.e. 2016 on 3rd March. It was then back when I was 19 years old and decided to start something on my own. Now I have completed 20 years and all I started from home. We now have a temporary office space”, said Dipali.

Dipali Katta started Winks of Joy on her own, she is the sole founder of this startup.”Gradually I introduced my friend Shantanu Singh into it for IT and related developments and managing and innovating the same. I am a BBA graduate and a digital marketer, and my friend is an IT engineer. Mostly I am involved in the production and client handling. When have certain freelance crafters also working for us. But initially, all the functions are carried and processed by me”, asserted Dipali in the end.