Sanjay Joshi’s sex scandal ploy stink in Gujarat politics

Sanjay Joshi’s sex scandal ploy stink in Gujarat politics

Sanjay Joshi’s sex scandal ploy stink in Gujarat politics

Two days ago, BJP workers gathered to meet ex-Gujarat BJP Leader and a member of BJP national executive, Sanjay Joshi. The love for Sanjay Joshi by the BJP workers showed that though Joshi is away from active politics over the last ten years his supporters have not fallen in Gujarat.

Sanjay Joshi made news when it was BJP’s silver jubilee (2005) in Mumbai, but the party’s celebration was hit by a sex scandal. However, in those years in political wilderness, Joshi had been proved innocent as the CD was declared doctored by officials of Madhya Pradesh Forensic Laboratory. But soon after the scandal, Joshi had resigned from several positions granted to him.

In 2005, during the BJP’s 25th-anniversary celebrations, some unidentified persons donning the BJP leaders get up distributed the controversial CD. However, the other BJP leaders who were present in the celebrations believed that the CD was the official functioning of the BJP. But after watching the CD they got shaken/astonished because of CD’s spectacular proportion.

Sanjay Joshi was seen in a compromising position with a woman, which threatened to generate a fresh controversy.The BJP’s silver jubilee celebrations lay in tatters after a carefully timed in-house sting operation forced BJP general secretary and RSS insider Sanjay Joshi to quit his party.

When the controversy stirred out at that time the relations between Narendra Modi and Sanjay Joshi were not good as in 1995 Keshubhai Patel and Shankarsinh Vaghela join hands again. During that time Modi was removed from the post of general secretary of the state BJP and Joshi became the general secretary of BJP in Gujarat. Since then the relations between Narendra Modi and Sanjay Joshi turned out to be sour.

Though Sanjay Joshi was given a clean chit by Madhya Pradesh Forensic laboratory a question always has arisen that who could be there behind trapping then BJP National executive leader Sanjay Joshi. In 2010, when the investigation of the fake encounter case of Sohrabuddin came to the CBI, apparently testified that the CD had been given to the leaders by the Gujarat ATS officials.

Reportedly, the CD was sent by a senior officer to his juniors, who went in the celebrations donning BJP leaders. At that time the home minister of Gujarat was Amit Shah.