Treasury of animal trafficking finally caught

Treasury of animal trafficking finally caught

Treasury of animal trafficking finally caught

In the Modasa taluka of Aravali , there has been a substantial increase in cattle theft offenses for past several years and Animal Traffickers group also became a headache for the police. Police arrested the accused who stole a cow and a buffalo a year ago from Sayar Taluka, and imprisoned them behind the prison bars in Chand Tekra area of Modasa.

In the Aravalli district cattle theft has been going on a large scale for past several years, even  the police had been tired of stealing this animals. When the cattle were stolen from the village of Sayar in Modasa taluka, a complaint was made by the cattle owner to the Modasa Rular police, on which the police started investigation.

Earlier, the complaint was registered against Arif Khayali, the main accused of cattle theft, caught in 43 offenses by District LCB. After an interrogation the names of the other thieves who stole the cattle in Sayara were disclosed, after which the Modasa police caught them red handedly.  For the past several years, the animal theft and trafficking created a fear amongst cattle owners and the police needed to solve this crime at the earliest possible. So the police undertook to speed up the arrest of Arif Khayali, the main accused of cattle theft from Chand Tekri and in which other names of other accused were also opened and the same gang  is now doubted the stealing the cattle from Sayra of Modasa. So the police arrested the six accused of this gang and imprisoned them which led to the disclosure of cattle stealing at Sayara.

The police has speed up in hunting the other 4 accused. The cattle owners took the relief after police arrested the accused fastly. And the police also took the most of the accused involved in the crime. The remaining accused will be arrested soon.

Accused name:-

1.   Ajit Multani

2.  Aneeshgulu Narkha Multani

3.   Sadik Safi Multani

4.   Tosif Safi Multani

5.  Shahrukh Abduljani Multani

6.  Siraj Yusuf Multani 

All the accused are residents of Chand Tekra and  got arrested by Modasa Police have been sent to Modasa’s Sub jail.  The police have taken responsibilities of arresting the remaining 4 accused.