Valentines Day 2018: Signs Your Relationship Is Ripe For Breakup

Valentines Day 2018: Signs Your Relationship Is Ripe For Breakup

Valentines Day 2018: Signs Your Relationship Is Ripe For Breakup

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner which there are loved-up couples canoodling over cafe menus, without a care, they’ll pay inflated prices. Having someone to cuddle makes it worth it!

V-Day is not only red-hot for romance but red-hot for heartbreak. So here are the seven signs to look out for so you won’t be surprised if a split is sprung on you.

Having second thoughts? Ready to take a cold hard look at the chances your relationship is about to crash and burn right around the most romantic day of the year? Here’s what the experts say are the tell-tale signs you’re about to get dumped.

Sign No. 1

He’s gone off the boil in the bedroom and has stopped caring if you have sex.

You’ve tried teasing him with your fingertips, hoping he’ll spring to life. You’ve pranced out of the shower, letting your towel slip to reveal all.

Sign No. 2

He’s always been a cheapskate and with Valentine’s looming, you fear his trouser pocket’s tightening over his wallet.

Mention a meal out and he gets the hump the rest of the evening… or longer.

Sign No. 3

Previous years he’s made some attempt to celebrate Valentine’s – a gift, a card, a surprise meal. But this year he hasn’t even noticed it looming. Let alone made any plans.

Sign No. 4

You notice he seems a bit panic-stricken, or uneasy about things. Or you mention Valentine’s coming and he withdraws from any chat about it.

If you haven’t been together that long – and his previous relationships have been short-term – this time of year can kill off a fledgeling relationship with someone with commitment issues.

Sign No. 5

When you hint the day of romance is ‘round the corner, he groans and rolls his eyes.

And in fact, he increasingly treats you with contempt when you make any suggestions about what you two should do. He’s simply not thinking about you being a ‘two’ anymore.

Sign No. 6

He hasn’t bothered messaging over the crucial pre-Valentine’s week. He goes on the missing list and can’t bother to give you a good explanation.

Sign No. 7

He’s started talking about regrets like the opportunities he’s missed, the choices he has made, and the lads’ holiday he wished he’d gone on.

Beware, such life-regrets often include regrets about being in a relationship, full stop.