Women’s disinterest in polling

Women’s disinterest in polling

Women’s disinterest in polling

The government has allotted 30% reservation to women to encourage them and empower them yet women showed the least interest in recent polling.In the 2012 election women polling was recorded 66.77 which increased to 61.25% in this election.This can be because of less awareness.

The polling for Vadhvan, limbdi, Dhranghadhra, Chotila, and Patdi got over peacefully.On this constituency 6,68,471 male and 6,04,555 women, voters are there.

Many women-centric policies and schemes have been made.The government spends a lot many rupees for the empowerment of women.Yet women were not much interested in polling which is a matter of concern.

 No regular services of water and roads!

Since two years we can’t go out because of the bad roads.All the dust of broken roads has made it difficult to go out and made our homes very dusty as well.Water service is also irregular.It doesn’t make any difference whether you vote or do n’t!

 Every party comes up with new promises !!

 Women voters are given so many promises when the election is on the head.But as soon as the election gets over then all the leaders disappear. So many schemes are made for women but no one sees as to who gets the benefits of it.The people in power get all the benefits.Then why should women give their vote?